The Irvington neighborhood is located in Northeast Portland and is bordered by the Sabin, Alameda, Eliot, King, Grant Park, Sullivan's Gulch, and Lloyd Center neighborhoods. Irvington is located on the East side of the Willamette River. Its boundaries are NE Fremont Avenue on the North, NE 7th Avenue on the West, NE Broadway on the South, and NE 26th Avenue on the East. The upper Northeast corner overlaps with Alameda and Sabin neighborhoods.

This is the kind of neighborhood for which people enter the American dream. The houses, each unique and almost all attractive with their ancient trees and flowing green lawns, seem the picture of Americana that we agreed to when we entered the game. The children playing seem palpably blessed to have this as their foundation. And driving through you can almost hear the promise of a simpler country and a simpler time if we just hold onto neighborhoods like it.

Several grand dame old homes are located here, and many are on the National Register of Historic Places. Back when they were constructed, Irvington homes were considered upper middle class. The sense of Irvington history can be found in more than just the homes. The exclusive Irvington Club for tennis was founded in 1898. And, if you pay attention while strolling the streets, you’ll notice many sidewalks imprinted with the original craftsman’s name and date (”E. Wiles 1908”) and you’ll even find an occasional metal ring still attached to the curb, from back in the days when everyone had horses to tie up instead of automobiles to park.

Like any neighborhood that has been around since the turn of the last century, Irvington has suffered from periodic slumps over the years. Some houses fell into disrepair, and here and there a house was demolished and replaced with a “modern” mid-century apartment or commercial building. But overall, if you enjoy historic charm and unique homes with fine character and craftsmanship, you’ll love Irvington.

Elementary school: Irvington Elementary School
Middle school: Beverly Cleary School K-8
High school: Grant High School

Irvington Park