Neighborhood Guide

The most difficult part about moving to Portland is choosing your neighborhood.
If you haven’t spent any time in Portland, you may have only heard that it is full of hipsters and food trucks. To be fair, there are a lot of hipsters and even more food trucks, but the diversity of Portland is what makes it great. There are many different neighborhoods to choose from in Portland, and each offers a unique living experience. Decide on your criteria first, and then explore areas that offer what you are looking for.




Moving to Southwest Portland
The southwest section of Portland lies on the west side of the Willamette River and east of the I-405 loop. It is often called Portland’s living room. Some of the neighborhoods in this area are Downtown, South Portland, South Burlingame, Hillsdale, Multnomah, Hayhurst, Washington Park and the South Willamette riverfront.


Moving to Downtown
Downtown Portland is a great mix of families, professionals and young urbanites making a go of it in the big city. Most Downtowners live in apartments, condos and row houses, and can walk the entire downtown area from end to end in 10-15 minutes. Residents in Downtown will enjoy easy access to the Farmers Markets, Public Art Walking Tours, and a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars.

Moving to Hillsdale
The Hillsdale neighborhood is 3.5 miles from Downtown with many shops, pubs and restaurants. The typical resident of Hillsdale is college-educated and fairly well-off. Residents are most likely empty nesters or parents with young children. There are many single-family homes to choose from in this area of Portland with a few condos sprinkled throughout.

Moving to South Waterfront
The South Waterfront neighborhood is going through a massive redevelopment and is transforming from an abandoned industrial area into a high-rise neighborhood with plenty of parks, health clubs, affordable housing, and easy transportation into the downtown area. Students, OHSU staff and families that want to be close to Downtown can take advantage of the streetcar line, which makes it unnecessary for many of the residents to own a vehicle.

Moving to Goose Hollow
Residents of Goose Hollow enjoy their historic and quirky neighborhood that focuses on its pedestrian environment and rebuilding its sense of community. There are a few detached, single-family homes in Goose Hollow, but most of the residents live in apartments, condos and townhouses. Goose Hollow is considered a great place to retire. It’s walking distance to Washington Park, which is home to the Japanese Garden, the International Test Rose Garden and the Hoyt Arboretum. One of the original residential areas in Portland, Goose Hollow is marked by turn-of-the-century homes.